Fic : Torchwood Five - The First Day Blues (2/3)
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Title: Torchwood Five : The First Day Blues (2/3)
Rating: 15
Author: booster17
Setting: After Torchwood – Children of Earth
Characters: Gwen, Bridget Spears, Lois Habiba
Disclaimer: Not mine. Hail the BBC.
Summary: The first day at work is a little stressful for Lois.

Part two - Lois Habiba

Torchwood Funding & location
A minor thought on this - Torchwood is funded directly by the Crown, presumably the same pot of money that pays for the upkeep of the Royal palaces, the Queen's day to day expenses, etc. It's presumably a black item in the budget, and must be pretty difficult to conceal, especially with a new base to equip.

There's a summary of royal finances etc. here

One way to keep the costs down would be to find a suitable location that is already owned by the royals and not actually in use. Not impossible, I'd imagine, since they own quite a few properties around the country. I don't have a list, maybe someone else can make a few suggestions. Presumably in the Cardiff area, given the presense of the Rift, but they may be able to base themselves a little further away without cutting themselves off from it.

A final thought, if you don't like that idea - given all the explosions etc. towards the end of S2 there must be lots of rebuilding going on around Cardiff, and lots of derelict buildings. Shouldn't be too hard to find a site.

Fic: There's No Place Like Home
Title: There's No Place Like Home
Author: netgirl_y2k
Characters: Gwen, Rhys, Lois, Johnson
Rating: PG
Summary: In which Gwen, Lois and Johnson run a slightly shambling Torchwood out of Gwen's spare room. And Rhys makes everyone cheese on toast.

Tea and cheese on toast for four.

fic: Ghost In The Machine
Oo, oo, and can I start bringing the fic?

Title: Ghost In The Machine
Rating: teen [language]
Characters: Captain John Hart, PC Andy
Spoilers: Children of Earth: day 5
Advisories: none
Disclaimer: ducking and covering as we speak

Summary: Shame if all of this were to fall into the wrong hands...

Note: Contains spoilers through the Torchwood: Children of Earth miniseries. Since we're in the dedicated comm, I'll add that this is probably #1 of a "rebuilding Torchwood" series...

( Someone had certainly done this place up a treat... )

So who'd be on your team?
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It's the obvious question to kick off the comm - who should make up New Torchwood? Is another Five Man Band setup the way to go, or do you want a huge team with everybody in the Whoniverse? Or just Gwen and Rhys operating out of their spare bedroom?

Bear in mind that you don't have to be restrained by what's likely or even possible in season 4, if there is one; this is more about what people would like to read and write in fic and where they imagine the characters ended up once the credits rolled. Some sort of prompts battle or other fic challenge may be forthcoming at some point, if there's interest.

The obligatory page-a-mod post
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