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So who'd be on your team?
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doyle_sb4 wrote in torchwoodfive
It's the obvious question to kick off the comm - who should make up New Torchwood? Is another Five Man Band setup the way to go, or do you want a huge team with everybody in the Whoniverse? Or just Gwen and Rhys operating out of their spare bedroom?

Bear in mind that you don't have to be restrained by what's likely or even possible in season 4, if there is one; this is more about what people would like to read and write in fic and where they imagine the characters ended up once the credits rolled. Some sort of prompts battle or other fic challenge may be forthcoming at some point, if there's interest.

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My own answer: I'm going back on forth on this because after Children of Earth I'm overloaded with awesome characters and I want them all to be on the team. Which would mean they couldn't all fit into Gwen's spare room, or the parish hall they rent under cover of being a rogue branch of the Women's Institute, or wherever else they go unless and until the Hub can be rebuilt. But I think I've whittled it down to a core team of Gwen, Lois, Bridget and Johnson, with Martha and Mickey as part-time support as needed (invaluable as Rhys is, he still doesn't want to be in Torchwood.) Alice and Rhiannon and probably-new-PM Denise can cross paths with them as and when needed.

I do think they need to reclaim the SUV, as it's got the last of their shiny alien tech - sure, they can access the programs on the server via laptops, but there's bound to be tons of handheld stuff they've lost. Not to mention retcon. They'll need retcon.

I'll like to see them step it back up a notch to the days of Torchwood 1 almost. Don't forget Johnson's entire crew could come with her - they had quite the setup for interception and tracking of phone calls, and probably confiscated the entire Hub contents.

And don't forget the ever-creepy Dekker! I loved that last shot of Alice with Stephen so much : her in the foreground and the Unholy Trinity of Jack, Johnson and Dekker all behind their consoles in the background. Something in the framing there was just so wonderful.

Excellent points all! I liked Johnson's soldiers, and I felt like there was unfinished business with Dekker, with his creepy behaviour at the 456's tank and his calmness in the face of Death By Virus.

I should be in bed by now, but I blame you entirely for this : Torchwood Five : The First Day Blues (1/3)

They'll need retcon.
Will they? Because at this point, the cat's rather out of the bag. There has been no official announcement of first contact, but people everywhere are becoming more aware of the existence of aliens, and it can't be long before an official announcement. And not retconing people who have had neutral/positive alien contact would serve to ease the transition.

No official announcement of first contact? After enough public events over in DW that people are leaving London around Christmastime specifically to avoid the next alien visitation? Really?

Ostrich policy: as long as the government doesn't acknowledge the existence of aliens, they don't have to come up with solutions. Leaving London at Christmas is just common sense ;)

the parish hall they rent under cover of being a rogue branch of the Women's Institute

...{is very tempted to nick that metaphor} :)

Right, so if Gwen's off recruiting and rebuilding she's going to need people on the inside. Have to have Bridget as their woman in government (because really someone needs to keep an eye on Denise) and Martha in UNIT (she's bound to have some good recommendations for their new CMO). They're going to need Lois to keep them all in order and organised and Mickey to sort those systems out so they can keep an eye on the Rift and find what other surprises Tosh left in the systems for them. I kinda agree about Rhys being determined to keep firmly back from Torchwood, though I can imagine that he keeps getting drawn back in against his will. I've got this image of him and Johnson having loud debates about logistics (or more amusingly, bonding and ganging up on the others about practicalities and logistics and certain people not being able to organise a piss up in a brewery)...

(It occurs that this new team Torchwood might actually be efficient, the world may be doomed in a whole new way...)

Also I need a new Torchwood icon for this...Tosh rolling her eyes is all well and good but we've got shiny new girls of awesome.

I'm in desperate need of new icons myself - I've uploaded a couple I made from the BBC's website for the comm, but I'm sure people with actual skills beyond cropping could do pretty things with screencaps. (I need an Alice/Johnson icon yesterday...)

I love the idea of Rhys/Johnson logistical bonding.

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I take requests for icons, if you'd like me to make some for you. You can check out my site for the type of thing I do and let me know.

I hope to be able to answer this question shortly in the form of fic, but until then...

I'd like to see Gwen go to Donna, who by this point is running her own alien fighting employment agency providing temps for UNIT and other world saving organisations, and who has all of the awesome characters from the entire history of the verse on her books.

Or I could go for Gwen, Lois and Johnson operating out of Gwen's spare room while Rhys does the house husband thing and makes them all tea when they come in from a long day of saving the world.

Or or anything where Alice and Johnson have angsty femslash would be win.

Or or or... I could go on...

I would happily read any and all of these, please. (Oh man, I'm shipping Alice/Johnson so hard. I usually never go for the angsty ships, but I think I might love them together.)

I'm glad I'm not the only one seeing giant flashing neon signs for Alice/Johnson.

\o/ I am eagerly anticipating your fic shaped answer. :D

Yeah, Donna in Torchwood for the win definitely.

Gwen, Lois, Johnson and Alice, with Martha, Rhys, Andy, Mickey and Sarah-Jane providing backup when necessary. Gwen's nominally in charge but Alice takes over most of it when Gwen's pregnancy starts being a liability on the field.

Alice grew up in Torchwood, and there are certain things hardwired into her brain. There's also angsty/angry Alice/Johnson, and occasionally Alice goes to see Rhiannon and plays with her kids.

I suppose, it wouldn't be fanfic's favorite idea, but I imagine the new Torchwood much more like Torchwood One. Not a tight-knit group of five, but perhaps a whole office scurrying around. Johnson and her team would be there. Bridget could still carry out duties within the government, but form a bit of a liaison between the new torchwood and the hopefully less corrupt cabinet of government officials. Then Martha could have part-time duties, and perhaps recruit some people from UNIT, like Malcolm from PotD. Mickey could be deeply involved, since I suppose he'd be more familiar with that kind of Torchwood format. Gwen and Rhys could sort of build it up to be big, but stay in the background so they can raise a family. Others, like PC Andy, could be involved someway as well.

Oh and I forgot about Lois, she could be high in the ranks of this new Torchwood.

I've been thinking about this far too much lately. It will definitely be Gwen and Rhys, because Gwen's seen too much to ever get out and Rhys will support her, even if that means staying home with the baby. I think Lois is in, but not Brigid. Brigid is a civil servant to the core, and I don't think she'd entirely trust Torchwood, no matter what form, because they're still outside the government. Much as I would love Andy on the team, I think CoE proved that he's really not ready for it, but I definitely see him serving as a liaison with the police. I'm really not certain about Johnson, because really we don't know who she was working for in the end. Myfanwy will come back from hunting and find them.

And I think once Jack talks to him, the Doctor will come by for a few weeks, just to help them get set up.

I've also been scouting locations. Apparently the Cardiff Bay train station, on the city's historical register, is standing all but abandoned not three blocks from the Millenium Centre. This would give them a substantial, recognizable base of operations with the chance for a public face (no point with the secret organization crap anymore) *and* has access to the train tunnels which would get them to the crypts and the lower archives which were protected when the force of the blast went up through the thinner ceiling into the Plas. The whole point of being in Cardiff is the Rift, so they aren't going to go far from that.

So that leaves us open for a techie and a doctor, which I suspect will be new people just because there needs to be some new blood as well.

genius idea for the base!

Gwen as the Jackshape/general leader.
Lois as the new Ianto (SOB)
Andy as the new Gwen
An as yet unseen Doctor to replace Owen (me no like Martha in my Torchwood)
and maybe Mickey to replace Tosh just because I actually love the idea.

I like the idea of Bridget as a government mole (but approved by new PM Denise, obviously) but hate hate hate the idea of Johnson having anything to do with it. I hate her. In fact I want to write a scene where she asks to join and Gwen point-blank says no.

I doubt, SO highly that Alice would ever ever ever want to join.

As for Rhys, I think he would be a silent member. He'd have a say, probably get roped in to driving them around places and stuff like that, but I think he probably doesn't want his name on the books, so to speak. But he probably takes over from Gwen when they switch roles with the househusbandry.

hmm, I say Lois is the "new Ianto", but really I think of her as an Ianto/Tosh hybrid.

So, does everyone see Jack NOT coming back to TW in the foreseeable future? Huh. Because Jack's been in Cardiff, one way or another and sometimes 2 or 3 Jack's at the same time, since 27 AD. Might be interesting to have Jack as an antagonist character, because what could you do to stop him that hasn't been done already?

well, I would love to see Jack come back. But I can see us at least starting S4 without him.

It was just that so far no one in the comm has talked about Jack coming back, which struck me as a little odd.

My Team would have to be:

Captain John Hart (James Marsters)
Ianto Jones (Gareth David-Lloyd)
Gwen Cooper (Eve Myles)
Lois Habiba (Cush Jumbo)
Rhys Williams (Kai Owen)

Two new original characters would be introduced:

The new doctor played by Ben Mansfield &
The new computer wizz played by Andrew Hayden-Smith, who would be this universe's version of JAKE.


I think it could be: Gwen as leader, Lois as PA/Admin (Flat Holm hasn't been blown up after all), Bridget staying in the Home Office as link and then Johnson with some of her team...
Martha may come back, then there could be Malcolm the wonderful geek from the DW Christmas special... Mickey?

I'm writing something up right now that appears to be starting off with Andy and Hart as the nucleus of a new rogue entity that's piggybacking off the Torchwood brand and stuff scavenged from the wreckage. This may or may not actually work. :) (But I'll post here if it does...)

I think Johnson's first name is something ridiculously girly, like Fleur or Cressida, or Araminta. Something with connotations of privilege and ladylike behaviour that she's discarded in the pursuit of ruthless efficiency. Even her parents call her Johns (for short), but with a French inflection that makes it sound like Zhonce (which is the closest they come to acknowledging her 'whimsy')...

I think, as the result of the events in CoE, she realises that she's confused hardness with strength, and that it left her brittle and inflexible; she's adrift now, trying to rebuild herself, and Torchwood, Gwen's Torchwood, is something concrete that she can hold onto to avoid thinking about what's next.

She'd join Fitz Kreiner (Eighth Dr Companion), Donna Noble and Arthur Pendragon (bloody Rift) in the new base of operations (whenever that is - the bomb in the Hub interacted curiously with the Rift and there are doors that now exit into other times, other countries, other worlds). Johnson and Arthur lead their own teams (dubbed Home and Away), ably supported by Lois, Andy, Rhys, Martha and Mickey. Donna and Fitz head up an Intelligence team...

Fitz! Oh, wow, I'd never even considered him... a Donna/Fitz team-up would be magnificent.

who should make up New Torchwood?

Proven alien experience, Doctor training, and bonus UNIT experience - Cooper, Shaw, Smith, Jones, and Noble, kicking alien ass since the 60s!

(OMG, I may have to write this.)

That would be epic. (is the Jones in that scenario Jo or Martha?)

Martha, although I suppose they could call Jo and Cliff in as needed.

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