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torchwoodfive's Journal

New Team Torchwood
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Warning: this profile and comm will contain massive spoilers for Torchwood - Children of Earth. If you want to remain unspoiled, bail now.

Jack is gone. But as he once said, "The end is where we start from" - and Gwen's still there to rebuild...

This comm is for discussion, fic, art, anything else people come up with. Fic about Lois/Bridget/Martha/Johnson/Alice/Mickey/Andy/Rhiannon/Donna getting recruited? We want that. Your list of the ten people you'd like to see on the new team? We want that too. Teamfic where Gwen and Lois try to recapture Myfanwy while Johnson leads a mission to steal back the SUV... yeah, it's safe to say we definitely want that. So long as it's about a post-CoE Torchwood team, this is the place.

Rules: large pictures and all fic apart from headers to go under an LJ-cut. No bashing other groups of fans or similar asshattery. Any problems or questions, page a mod.